Palin Snubs PrideFest, Wasilla Fundies Protest Gays

Gov. Sarah Palin has ignored a Gay Pride Month proclamation submitted by Anchorage PrideFest, but a proposal to add "sexual orientation" to the city's non-discrimination policies caught the attention of Wasilla fundamentalists, who arrived in busloads to testify at an Anchorage hearing on Tuesday while their children protested outside.

Children opposed to the equal rights ordinance lined the entrances to the parking lot and building during the meeting, wearing red shirts and carrying mass produced signs from the Alaska Family Council.

Palin's hometown of Wasilla is not part of the Anchorage Municipality, but perhaps opponents could not find enough anti-gay Anchorage residents willing to testify against their neighbors and coworkers.

Before the hearing, Anchorage PrideFest sent a Pride Month proclamation to Gov. Palin, inviting her to attend the annual Parade & Festival on June 20. Palin has not responded, although she has proclaimed Flag Day, Fishing Week and Auburn Founders Day in honor of Auburn, New York, so far for June.

The proclamation asks Palin to declare June as Gay Pride Month and to "urge all citizens of Alaska to join me in celebrating diversity by attending, supporting, recognizing, and respecting Anchorage PrideFest 2009 activities and events."

On June 1, President Obama declared June 2009 as LGBT Pride Month, stating support for measures like "outlawing discrimination in the workplace," a subject covered by the proposed Anchorage equal rights ordinance.

The ordinance, AO 2009-64(S), adds "sexual orientation" to the list of groups protected against discrimination in employment, housing, financing, education, public accommodations and municipal business. The original proposal was revised by the mayor to address concerns by religious opponents, but opponents still object, saying "the term "sexual orientation" is not acceptable in any discrimination ordinance."

Wasilla residents do not pay property taxes to Anchorage, nor do they vote for our Assembly members. However, a suggestion to limit testimony to Anchorage residents was turned down by the Assembly Chair.

Please join us at the next hearing on the equal rights ordinance on Tuesday, June 16, at Loussac Library. Doors open at 3, the meeting begins at 5 p.m. and ordinance testimony is likely to run from 7-11. Come early if you want a seat inside. Everyone is invited to share food and music at a Potluck for the People, on the Library lawn. Anchorage residents are encouraged to write to our Assembly members and ask them to vote YES on the Equal Rights Ordinance.

The Assembly has also scheduled a hearing for Wednesday, June 17, from 4-10 p.m.


Mel said...

It's too bad Pam's House Blend's version of your post didn't also have the photos, impact's not quite the same without 'em.

Additional photos of the numerous kids in red shirts by Phil Munger at Progressive Alaska and by AKMuckraker at the Mudflats. Or see Billboards which they both permitted me to borrow photos for.

Kristara said...

I am sadden looking at these pictures during this event. My heart goes out to all the people in Alaska that are trying to do the right thing. It has always been one of my goals to put the LGBTA community of Alaska in the forefront of the map. I have not succeeded with that goal - someday I will or someone will..

I will continue to be with you in spirit and my great energy. Wishing everyone the best - keep on fighting...



stefging said...

I think SP also has also ignored Juneteenth's proclamations since she has been gov, so we are in good company.

Scott M. Koeller said...

This does not surprise me, and I will find a way to comment about it as I annouce the Parade on Saturday! You can count on it!!!

Daphne Do'All LaChores - (Registered Alaskan Dragqueen Bigmouth!)

Anonymous said...

To all you that choose that's right choose that kind of a life style. Look around this isn't a Jerry P thing or an ABT thing the people of Anchorage can't control what you do in your bedroom but don't force us to have to see your perversion. Anchorage has spoken marriage is between one man and one woman Hmmmmm just like God said. Oh and look around at the assembly meetings the reds out number the blues 10-1 get a clue. Anchorage doesn't want this

Anonymous said...

Well said, I agree

Mel said...

I guess the homophobes are getting bored with just spewing their hatred in the echo chamber, so now they have to come spew it at us.

Anonymous said...

hmmm last time I checked it was the catholic church that came up with the hole marriage thing. I'm not gay but I have several family members and friends who are. And I'm all for gay marriage and gay pride. We are in the 21st. Century, for Pete's sake!!! I think that EVERYONE should have equal rights!! This is America people, home of the brave and the free. Is this what our country has come to? When did it become anyones biz who got married or what their sexual orientation is? I do recall something in the bible about only those who have no sin can cast the first stone. America was founded by people who didn't want to be forced into someone they weren't. They wanted free religion and free rights. I think gay rights fall under that category also. No one should have to go through this kind of discrimination!! Kyle I love you no matter who you are. Gay or straight!!

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