Alaska is 13th state to join anti-marriage appeal

A dozen states joined marriage opponents in their desperate appeal of the federal court decision that declared California's Prop 8 unconstitutional, even though Gov. Schwarzenegger supports the ruling and the opponents may not have legal standing to appeal. Now Alaska has become the 13th state to join the appeal. From Alaska Dispatch:
According to the Catholic News Agency (via the Anchorage archdiocese's Catholic Anchor), Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan has submitted a brief, joining Alaska with 12 other states, in support of California's Proposition 8. The measure, which is currently the subject of litigation in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, would formally define marriage in the state [of California] as a union between one man and one woman. Read much more, here. At first, Alaska Beat was surprised we hadn't seen a press release from the Department of Law about this filing, but then we realized the measure doesn't seek to define marriage as a union between one beluga whale and one Steller sea lion.
When the states originally joined the appeal, only 9 states were listed and I was relieved that Alaska was not one of them. But that was before the primary election. Now Gov. Sean Parnell is facing Ethan Berkowitz in the general election and he wants the far right behind him. Cue the Attorney General to join the appeal.

Parnell visited the anti-gay Focus on the Family this summer, and billed the state of Alaska for his travel expenses to their Colorado headquarters. Did Focus support Parnell's campaign in exchange for promises to push an anti-gay agenda, like joining the Prop 8 lawsuit? What other anti-gay actions will he pursue if elected?

Vote for Berkowitz & Benson for Governor & Lt. Governor!

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