When did you choose to be straight?

These street interviews prove that asking the right question can be more important than anything you can tell someone:

You can see the "AHA" moment when they realize the nonsense of choosing their sexuality!

The interviews occurred in Colorado Springs in 2008 and are still making the rounds on Facebook. Thanks to Travis Nuckolls and Chris Baker for making the video.


Olivia said...

Wow, I have been asking people that for years. My point always is that I didn't have to make a choice, it wasn't anything that I had to think about, I was always straight. If they start protesting that point, usually it starts to occur to them that if they insist that they had a choice, they probably made the wrong one. Unfortunately, some of these bozos will protest that they didn't have a choice but of course other people did.

Elizabeth said...

This is good. I shall start using the question even though I'm heterosexual. (I don't like "straight" because it implies your blog name.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, simple, and effective. Thank you.

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