UA faculty & staff: It Gets Better!

Alaska is joining the It Gets Better project! University of Alaska Fairbanks faculty and staff are uploading It Gets Better videos to Kate Wattum's new YouTube channel and inviting faculty and staff from across the UA system to participate in the LGBT suicide prevention project.

There are 5 videos so far, and three more on the way. Project organizer Kate talks about struggling to come out in her 20's as a student at UAF, and introduces the UA: It Gets Better project:

Visit the UA: It Gets Better channel and watch the other videos:
  • Jeanne Laurencelle talks about the (sometimes) long process of self-acceptance.
  • Pete Pinney, UAF staff and long time member of PFLAG, talks about leaving his home town to discover a new life in Alaska.
  • Joy Morrison describes a climate of acceptance at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
  • Jerry Farnam talks about being bullied in high school and learning to come to terms with his sexuality.
Do you want to participate? Contact Kate.

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