Sitka Lesbians, Gays & Allies for Scott McAdams

Scott McAdams is a serious contender for the U.S Senate and Lisa is trying to steal votes from him with an ad featuring her supporters from his home base of Sitka. It's a low blow to turn someone's neighbors against him, especially in a small town. But it doesn't seem to be working with LGBTA Sitkans. The few gays, lesbians and out-spoken allies that I could find in Sitka are all voting for Scott.

When Scott won the democratic nomination and Joe won the GOP primary, I contacted a straight friend of my lesbian friend who used to live in Sitka. What did she think of Scott, I asked, and did she know any gay or lesbian Sitkans who might educate me on his attitude towards us?

She knew someone, and they knew someone, and we started a conversation. Three of them gave me permission to publish some of their comments - one lesbian, one gay man, and one ally - but only Mo, the ally, is comfortable including her real name with her comments. The others are 'out' about voting for Scott, but they (or their partners) do not want to be known as gay or lesbian to their employers.

The gay man summed up the thoughts of many LGBT Alaskans:
Scott would be a big improvement on what we have had and would get otherwise.
Our ally Mo McBride worked with Scott and had more to say:
I know Scott very well having worked in the school district he was on the board for. I will give you my impression which has its own biases... He is mayor of our city and was on the school board here for about 10 years. He has served on the statewide school board and even did some work with the national school board... I did not agree with his decisions many times when he was one the school board but I did not find him to be biased in his approach to his decisions. He has political speak which for me is like coctail speech, can talk briefly on many things and has good sound bytes but not good depth... He is a quick learner and can search out info when he wants to. He is supportive of gay issues, he has openly gay people who are working under him and they say he has not ever made that a concern for them... He is the first to say he is still learning, but he also now has experience in goveernment... I plan to vote for him even with my disagreements on his school board stuff. I think he can be an advocate for Alaska... I just hope we can keep Miller out. So my vote is for him and I think he is the most GLBT friendly vote of the three.
The lesbian and her partner both like Scott:
[My partner] liked working with Scott... I have dealt with Scott in a different capacity. He was on the local school district school board when I was a teacher within that school district. I dealt with him occasionally and it was always professional. He is our current mayor and seems to be doing okay. There have been concerns that the meetings are not as thorough and inquisitive when the assembly should be delving further into issues. Also, there are concerns that he has conflicts of interest between being mayor and working for Community Schools, which is a part of the school district. [He is currently on Leave of Absence from Community Schools, and Cheryl Westover is the new mayor.] I don't know Scott on a friend level so I really can't speak to more than this.

I'm pleased to hear that he attended [the LGBT Pride Conference]. I will be voting for Scott on Tuesday. There is no question about that for me.
There you have it - the word from LGBTA Sitkans: Vote for Scott McAdams!

Thanks to my Sitka friends for adding their voices to the conversation.

Scott also has a Sitka ad. Watch:

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