Scott or Lisa? Values, not fears

With Scott McAdams gaining in the polls and Tea Party Joe slipping, LGBT democrats and undeclareds don't have to vote for Lisa M out of fear of Joe. We can vote for the candidate who supports equality and can win, the only candidate who will vote to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell: Scott McAdams.

Two months ago, when Joe won the primary and Lisa announced her write-in campaign, LGBT Alaskans were divided between Lisa and Scott. We agreed that we had to stop Joe, but disagreed on which other candidate had the best chance of beating him.

When DADT came up for a vote in the Senate, we flooded Lisa's office with calls asking her to be the moderate Republican she claimed to be and vote for the repeal. When Lisa confirmed that she would have voted with the GOP filibuster to block the repeal if she'd been in D.C for the vote, we learned that LGBT Alaskans are not important to her. We gave her a chance, and she brushed us off.

But the real tipping point for many voters was Lisa's speech in honor of Rev. Jerry Prevo, a baptist minister who built his reputation by spreading lies and hate against gays. The man bragged that his main legacy is blocking gay rights in Anchorage. And Lisa honored him!

HERE is a sample of anti-gay hate spewing from Prevo, a sermon he gave last summer against the equal rights ordinance, including the long list of insulting names he repeatedly calls us. (If you're not familiar with Prevo, follow the link and watch the video so you know first hand why Lisa's tribute to him is so disgusting.)

Lisa fawned all over this hater at the 39 year anniversary of his career at the temple of doom, Anchorage Baptist Temple. (Did I mention that they do exorcisms on gay kids? Really!)

Watch Lisa's tribute to the leader of anti-gay hate in Anchorage:

"It is such an honor and a real delight to be with so many here today... So much of what we've seen that has been good and strong has been built right here at the Anchorage Baptist Temple by Reverend Prevo... We thank you for what you have given our community – the guidance you have shown, and the love for so many. Continue it for another 39."

Enough to make you sick.

Where was Scott McAdams that weekend? Scott spoke at the annual LGBT Pride Conference, impressing us with his support of equality and fairness for all Alaskans. Lisa didn't attend.

The good news is that we don't have to settle for Lisa out of fear of Joe. We can vote for someone who will vote for us, someone who has a real chance of winning if we pull together. Vote your values, not your fears: Vote for Scott McAdams.

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