Don't Forget the Legislature, the Key to Alaska's Future

- another great guest post by Caleb Pritt

You've heard about Ethan and Sean, Diane and Mead, Harry and Don. Joe and Lisa and Scott too. But do you recall... the most important election in Alaska of all. Sorry, having some fun with the nearing of Christmas. But the clever use of the old Rudoph the Red Nose Reindeer song is meant to remind you that besides the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Governor, there is one other VERY important race for many of you in Alaska... the State Legislature.

From the State Legislature comes so many laws that affect everyday life. And there are some pitched battles for legislative races that I thought I would highlight in brevity the ones that are the key to Alaska's lock on the future.

The State Senate is split 10 Democrats to 11 Republican-Coalition members.

State Senator Bill Wielechowski (D), a progressive young Democrat, is seeking re-election against Ron Slepecki (R). You can listen online to the debate between the two. But what should concern you in this year of odd & crazy elections in Alaska is that Mr. Slepecki is a minister at the Anchorage Baptist Temple (yes, the lair of Jerry Prevo himself.) Yet Slepecki fails to point out that profession or the fact that he is one who helps those who have fallen prey to the cults of the New Age, Hinduism, or Bhuddism. And on, Rev. Slepecki compares President Obama's education plan to the THIRD REICH! Honestly, Bill Wielechowski has worked hard to be re-elected. He is one of the leaders working to end violence against women and children in Alaska. He has fought for seniors, to lower their prescription drug prices, and he's an all around good guy. Vote for Bill Wielechowski.

Those in State Senate District P have a choice between Janet Reiser (D), Catherine Giessell (R), and Phil Dzubinski (I). Ms. Giessell is very proud of her Tea Party roots. In fact, she proudly declares about civil rights that "I support strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and Alaska Constitution." Has anyone bothered to tell her, and all these other Sharon Angle clones, that had there been a "strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution" then they as women would not have the right to vote, much less run for office? More importantly, Giessell was the individual that Joe Miller propped up to attempt to oust Randy Ruedrich as Chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, an unsuccessful attempt that saw Miller improperly use the property of the Borough Government in Fairbanks to promote Giessell. [And Giessel wants to take away partner benefits.] Dzubinski is a conservative like the outgoing member, Con Bunde, who all three hope to succeed. He has outspent the two female candidates and has Andrew Halcro advising his campaign. Reiser is a pro-business, pro-oil development candidate who calls herself a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. She likely will appeal to the considerable number of moderate Republicans in the district as well as her own Democratic base. Vote for Janet Reiser.

MEANWHILE... in the State House, but for a handful of seats, the House could tilt Democrat. Can you imagine a Speaker of the House Les Gara??? It can happen with a few of these House seats flipping.

A shout-out to all my Fairbanks friends. Here is your chance to vote for the right Miller. Vote for Bob Miller for State House and rid Alaska of Mike Kelly. Other races I view the pros and cons of who is running but Mike Kelly is one individual who gives Alaska politics a bad name. Rep. Mike Kelly co-sponsored the $1.2 million advisory vote bill to block same sex employee benefits granted by the Alaska Supreme Court. I refer you to this article on why to vote against Mike Kelly. [There's a newer article HERE.] Meanwhile, during the Pub Crawl for Coronation Weekend, Miller joined the group at Spenard Roadhouse. He's open minded and one who sat down with Empress 37, MeMe Jenkins, to listen for over a half an hour about what matters to the community. BOB MILLER cares and BOB MILLER will get results for Alaska, because he believes ALL Alaskans deserve a seat at the table of state government. Vote for Bob Miller.

This features a race between Bob Lynn (R), a Republican politician who was elected in California and now elected in Alaska, and a small yet very effective Democrat named Lupe Marroquin. One thing about Mr. Lynn is one of his top contributors is Joe Miller. But Lynn learned to be stealthy at an early age as a Republican in California. So he plays up labor money and endorsements and has a fiscally liberal voting record. Marroquin meanwhile is a social progressive and fiscal conservative who is working hard to go door to door and earn the votes. In the end, it's about who is genuine and there's only one candidate. Vote for Lupe Marroquin.

Be sure to remember (3) other Democrats who need our vote: Jodie Dominguez is an advocate who needs support. Martin Lindeke is a veteran out in Eagle River who needs support. Lynn Zaugg has experience in office and is running. She has a wonderful plan to modernize voting so that Alaskans can vote by mail or online.

There are other legislative races. Look into the candidates and let's paint Alaska blue in 2010. It's time for a meaningful change... an ALL-ALASKA Change on November 2nd.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Mr. Slepecki he should know but probably doesn't that Buddhism is not a cult nor "new" by any means considering it is older then Christianity by hundreds/thousands of years.

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