Anti-gay group targets Alaska Supreme Court Justice

Voters received a flyer today from the anti-gay Alaska Family Action with a last minute attack against state Supreme Court Justice Dana Fabe, because she agreed with the majority on several abortion and gay rights decisions that went against the agenda of the far right. Claire Rosston, an Anchorage attorney, wrote to Bent Alaska about the attack on Justice Fabe:
I am writing to bring to your attention an issue of concern to your readers. Outside special interests have launched an unfair last-minute attack on Justice Dana Fabe in an effort to try to control Alaska's judiciary. Today, voters across Alaska received a mailer campaigning against the retention of Justice Fabe. One of the many misleading statements made in the mailer is that Justice Fabe ordered "taxpayer subsidies for same-sex partners." In fact, Justice Fabe joined the unanimous decision of ACLU v. State, which ruled that government employees are entitled to equal compensation and benefits regardless of their sexual preference. As a result of this decision, workers who are employed by the state or a municipality and who are in committed relationships with a same sex domestic partner are eligible to receive the same employment benefits for their domestic partners that a married employee receives for a spouse.

Justice Fabe currently chairs the Alaska Supreme Court's Fairness, Diversity and Equality Committee, which seeks to ensure that the promise of "justice for all" is a reality for all Alaskans.

The attack on Justice Fabe is led by Alaska Family Action, Inc., whose top contributor is Citizen Link, a Colorado-based "family advocacy" organization. Another organization that has been identified as a top contributor is the American Family Association, a Mississippi-based "pro-family" organization. Alaska Family Action launched its attack just two weeks before the election--no doubt designed to ensure that Justice Fabe has little time to respond or correct the record.
Citizen Link is the activist arm of Focus on the Family. Likewise, Alaska Family Action is the activist arm of the Alaska Family Council, both run by Jim Minnery whose cousin Tom Minnery is senior vice president of Focus on the Family, a top outside contributor to the Alaska anti-gay lobby.

An editorial spat has broken out in the pages of the Anchorage and Fairbanks newspapers about Justice Fabe and the importance of a non-partisan judiciary. Alex Bryner, a former state supreme court justice, summed up the issue:
They do not attack her for doing her job poorly; they attack her for disobeying their particular agenda... Alaska's voters must resist this threat by casting informed votes based on the merits of Justice Fabe's history of judicial performance, not on her willingness to obey pressures exerted by vested interests funded outside Alaska.
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Celia Harrison said...

Thank you for posting this piece. I have been looking into this story. These kinds of manipulations are one of the problems with the judicial system in Alaska. Judge Fabe has a very good record. Not only does she understand the constitution guarantees equal rights to everyone she also came up with an idea for program to help inmates at Hiland Mountain find jobs. We have people like Joe Miller sitting on the bench in Alaska which is appauling. They are trying to scare judges into misinterpreting the statutes and constitution for their agenda. I am glad Judge Fabe stands tough against their influence.

Anonymous said...

To see this kind of attack on someone who is doing their job as is required is just plain scary!
Please keep pushing this information so more of the general voting public can see it.
Thank you for bringing our attention to it!!

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy, much? Control of whom? Why is it 'okay' for outside influences from the Right to get involved, but if a Justice passes a bill that could even be remotely labeled as progressive, they get slammed as being 'liberal', 'activist', et cetera?

Hope she keeps fighting the good fight. And I hope we retain our rights to free speech in forums like these. Thanks for posting this.

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