Obama: It Gets Better. Dan Savage: Thanks, now Make It Better

Over 10 million people viewed the It Gets Better project started by columnist Dan Savage, millions participated in Spirit Day events wearing purple to raise awareness of anti-gay bullying, and thousands attended vigils for the gay teens who killed themselves recently. Yet the suicides continue, with another gay teen taking his life this week.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton uploaded an It Gets Better message on Tuesday, and President Obama followed with his message on Thursday. They are strong messages against prejudice and in support of LGBT youth.

Clinton's video was appreciated as the highest level government official to join the project at the time, while Obama's message sparked anger in the LGBT community because the good words are contradicted by his lack of action on behalf of gay rights.

Watch President Obama's It Gets Better video:

The It Gets Better project is about kids, anti-gay bullying and suicide prevention. This is the first time a sitting president has told gay youth that there is nothing wrong with them. He is a good speaker and his message can reach many people, including those who might not have heard this kind of message before and those who have been told otherwise. A speech like this from the president has the ability to save lives, and that's what the It Gets Better project is all about.

Now it's time to follow those words with deeds that actually make it better for LGBT youth and adults.

On Friday, Dan Savage responded to President Obama's video, voicing the mixed feelings expressed by the LGBT community:

Thanks to Dan Savage and his husband for creating a project that brings national attention to the problem of anti-LGBT discrimination and the harm it causes our youth and our society.

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