Unions oppose anti-worker (& anti-gay) Rep. Mike Kelly *Vote for Bob*

Alaska union members are going door-to-door in support of Democratic challenger Bob Miller in hopes of unseating Fairbanks state representative Mike Kelly for his "abysmal record" on workplace issues.

LGBT Alaskans know Kelly as co-sponsor of the statewide vote to take away the same sex employment benefits that were granted by the Alaska Supreme Court. He also referred to gay and lesbian couples as "homosexual pairs" in editorials against the benefits.

Alaska AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner that
[O]rganized labor takes issues with Kelly's work to eliminate Alaska's defined benefit pension plan for state workers, as well as his votes against outlawing mandatory overtime for nurses, raising the state minimum wage and providing presumptive disability benefits for firefighters.

"In short, Mike Kelly has been no friend to working families," Beltrami said.

Following a few chants of "Vote him out," the union members from the Local 1547, Local 942, teamsters, carpenters, Alaska Public Employees Association and other groups went door-to-door to campaign for Kelly's opponent, Democrat and TV anchorman Bob Miller.
In 2008, FieryBlazingHandbasket compiled a list of reasons to oppose Kelly, and he was re-elected by only 4 votes. So spread the word and vote for Bob Miller - every vote counts!

UPDATE: Bob Miller introduced Scott McAdams at Scott's well-attended Fairbanks Town Hall meeting. Check out Bob's TV ad (with a humorous dig at his opponent):

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