Giessel wants to take away our partner benefits, and much more

The Alaska Family Council is still obsessed with taking away the job benefits of state employees and their same sex partners - 5 years after the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that it's unconstitutional to deny these benefits - and they're promoting a slate of extreme conservatives for the state house and senate who are eager to put our rights up for another public vote.

Cathy Giessel is one of their anti-gay candidates. She's running for state senate District P on the Anchorage Hillside, and is also endorsed by the far-right Conservative Patriots Group. Janet Reiser, a democrat supported by many in the LGBT community, is running against her.

The Mudflats gives us the run down on Giessel based on surveys filled out for the Conservative Patriots Group in Wasilla and the AFC: [my emphasis]
She believes in "the sanctity of the individual from conception" and that "anti-family policies" should be ended. She believes that the government doesn't give us our rights – God does. She believes that English should be the common language of the United States. She agrees that Alaska should sue the federal government to repeal Health Care. She supports predator control. And, she will NOT… I repeat, NOT join with Democrats to form a majority legislative coalition. She answered all the questions so well, that the Wasilla group actually made an independent expenditure for her campaign, and against her two opponents.

Not only is she endorsed by the Conservative Patriots Group, but also the Alaska Family Council.

Giessel, a nurse practitioner, would support Gov. Parnell's veto of funds for Denali Kid Care (SCHIP), leaving more than a thousand children without health care because Denali KidCare pays for medically necessary abortions.

She would oppose a civil rights statute that included the words "sexual orientation" and/or "gender identity" because it would "inevitably lead to discrimination against those persons who, for reasons of conscience, cannot pretend to be morally indifferent to the homosexual lifestyle in the operation so their schools and businesses." Discrimination against bigots! Oh, the horror.

It's a great read, really. You can find out all about the Choose Life specialty license plates and the denial of same sex partner benefits for public employees, getting rid of the Alaska Judicial Council, and all sorts of interesting things. Check it out HERE.
Giessel is also endorsed by Joe Miller, of course, and by Wayne Anthony Ross. Remember WAR? He was Palin's choice for Attorney General, called gays "degenerates" and compared his bigotry to hating lima beans. Ross endorsed Giessel, so you know she's bad news!

Mudflats concludes by supporting Janet Reiser, the Democratic candidate for Senate District P.
So, what is my poor district to do? Fortunately that's easy. Janet Reiser is the Democratic opponent. She's an entrepreneur, an engineer, a business owner and an awesome candidate with expertise in the energy industry. Self-described fiscal conservative and social moderate, she'd be a breath of fresh air in a district that really needs it.
A former member of the LGBT Caucus confirmed on Facebook that Reiser is a friend of our community:
She came to the September LGBT Dem Caucus meeting, and committed to support our issues in the Legislature, and said that we are welcome to share that info.
Please spread the word about Giessel's anti-gay and extremist views, and check out Janet Reiser's campaign HERE.

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