Lisa snubs Pride Conference, honors Prevo instead

While U.S. Senate candidate Scott McAdams was impressing us and our allies at the Alaska Pride Conference last weekend, write-in incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski ignored the invitation to speak to LGBT Alaskans and instead was at Anchorage Baptist Temple kissing up to Rev. Jerry Prevo, a man who brags that his personal legacy has been to prevent gay Alaskans from getting equal rights.

Watch Lisa thank Jerry for the love and guidance he has shown "our community," by which she means the homo-haters of Anchorage, apparently:

The video of Lisa and Jerry is courtesy of Alaska Commons, and the transcript was posted on Mudflats (the highlighting is mine):
Pastor Prevo, Mrs. Prevo, it is such an honor and a real delight to be with so many here today to celebrate this pastoral anniversary. Think about where you were in 1971. What was going on in your life. Well, here in Alaska… Everyone's now starting to talk… think about what was going on in 1971… We just passed the Alaska Land Claims Settlement Act that led to the development of our Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Think about how our state has transformed with the advent of that line and what oil has brought to our country, our state.

That was the same time that Pastor Prevo and Mrs. Prevo came to Anchorage and began to build this community – 135,000 people in Anchorage at that time, and think about the changes that we have seen within our community, within our state. And so much of what we've seen that has been good and strong has been built right here at the Anchorage Baptist Temple by Reverend Prevo. Think about the ministries. We saw the children's ministry here today and the delight in the children's faces. The ministries for the men, the women's connection, the recovery ministries – so many of the good things – the Anchorage Christian Schools, so much that has been developed under the leadership of this man, with the love and support of Carol Prevo. This leadership is demonstrated on a daily basis and we benefit from it.

And Pastor, I want to thank you from a very personal note for what you did to celebrate the life of a great Alaskan. It was here in this church that Alaskans and people around the country paid tribute to a great Alaskan, Ted Stevens. And what you did, and your guidance and how we showed our final respects was a tribute to all of Alaska. That leadership doesn't come without the greatness of a man. We thank you for what you have given our community – the guidance you have shown, and the love for so many. Continue it for another 39. Thank you.
WTF? Here is one example of Prevo's love for us. It's part 2 of his sermon against last summer's equal rights ordinance (in case you missed it) and includes a long list of insults for LGBT Alaskans:

Can't you feel the love? Prevo's only legacy is peddling fear and hate of LGBT people and preventing Anchorage from becoming a city of equality and fairness.

What is Lisa thinking?


libhom said...

I always thought it was bizarre when the corporate media marketed Murkowski as a "moderate."

stefging said...

Prevo is the worst thing to have happened to Alaska in the last 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Lisa had campaign staff at the event, including a transexual. Her office indicated she received no invitation to attend and her campaign staff was refused a request to speak on her behalf.

E. Ross said...

Anon, I've been assured that she was invited to the conference. The bigger problem is that Lisa gave that horrible speech honoring Prevo and ABT. Unforgivable.

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