Native Alaskan youth for Scott McAdams

Verner Wilson III, who spoke at Pride Conference last year, is at the AFN Elders & Youth Conference this week and is one of four Native Alaskan youth in a new video for U.S Senate candidate Scott McAdams. McAdams grew up in rural Alaska, worked as a fisherman in western Alaska and supports the teaching of Native languages. He also supports LGBT equality.

Here is the video:

Verner shared more reasons for supporting McAdams:

5 things you might not know about Scott McAdams
1) He was born to a single mother in rural Alaska, and admitted they didn't always have food in the cupboard of their small house growing up.
2) He fought at School Board conferences to allow schools to teach Alaska Native languages.
3) He's just 40 years old, and wants to gain seniority in the US Senate and use this power to make Alaska energy-independent and help us in the long run while voting for Democratic values (unlike Lisa who is entrenched by big oil and Republicans).
4) As a fisherman in Sitka alongside his indigenous wife, they understand and will fight for subsistence...HE'S ONE OF US!
5) He's within striking distance of beating both the Republicans in the latest polls and if you vote for him you can put him over the top, really pissing off Joe Miller!

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